The yacht Meniscus

Meniscus is berthed in Queens Marina, Whitehaven.

She is a well found Channel32, twin-keeled, fractional-rigged sloop, built by the owner  from a British Hunter “sail-away” kit in Maryport. Her sail number is GBR 5657T and MMSI Number is 235004833.

She has been used extensively and successfully for club racing in the Solway and around the Isle of Man as well as cruising widely around the coasts of the British Isles.

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Meniscus on her berth

2008 UK CircumnavigationThis Blog is complete and describes our first circumnavigation of the UK.  Click in Blogroll in side panel to access.

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Other Blogs:

2009 sailing log: Includes preparation for a second RUK and local racing – Still under reconstruction

Whitehaven Marina    Describes a function hosted by the marina management – Complete

There are also links to the Marina website and that of the White Haven Sailing and Boating Association

Other Links may be added from time to time.


I would like to thank the following people for their help in creating and developing my blog:

Alistair Metcalf who created an original RUK blog on a different host.

Josh Abbotts of “Prototype Creative” who transferred it onto a new host and assisted in debugging

Ken Depledge of U3A in further advice on rebuilding the blog.

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